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Haunted House "Chillin' and Thrillin' Collage" T-Shirt
Take home the fun and scares of Ocean City's award-winning dark ride in our original souvenir t-shirt!... more

Haunted House Flex Cap
Official Haunted House FlexFit Cap!
... more

Haunted House "Skulls" T-Shirt
East Coast thrills meet West Coast Chopper style in our bold and spooky Skulls t-shirt!... more

Tidal Wave Shirt
Tell the world that you survived The Tidal wave rollercoaster with this brand-new t-shirt!
... more

Haunted House "Anniversary Torture" T-Shirt
Make like a zombie and breakout in the special edition t-shirt celebrating the 50th anniversary of our beloved boardwalk fright-fest!... more

Trimper's Rides "Logo" Sweatshirt
Perfect for a chilly evening, the latest in Trimper's Rides fashion is the new Logo Sweatshirt!... more

Haunted House "Silhouette" T-Shirt
The lights are out but there is always some body home in!... more

Haunted House Youth T-Shirt
Grab some friends and face your fears with this fun design for our youngest fans!... more