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Trimper Games

Ladies and Gentlemen, Step Right Up! No day at Trimper�s would be complete without testing your talent on our wide variety of 33 fun and exciting games. Whether you prefer to put your skills to the test against your friends or go it alone, there is much to win and dazzling challenges to be found in all areas of our park. We offer games for every age and skill level that are always fun to play with prizes that are fun to win. While prizes vary depending on the level of skill required, our selection includes the best prizes the industry has to offer. You will recognize popular cartoon, movie, television and beloved childhood characters as well as the best selection of soft colored teddy bears, dogs, frogs and other fanciful creatures.

Parents: Be sre to look for our "Winner Every Time" sites to thrill the youngest visitors with games just thier size. It's a treat to play our fun new Candy Crane, all of the excitement of the full-size cranes, but with a sweet reward! For the more daring, we offer "Shark Attack". Using our unique fishing pole guests hook a shark from the foamy deep and claim a prize.

The Trimper family takes pride in combining classic family favorite games like "Pop a Ballon" and "Cork Gun" with more modern mechanical race game favorites like "Tin Can Alley" and "Race Horse Derby". In our antique "Clown Head Water Balloon Race" guests shoot a stream of water into the clown�s mouth inflating the balloon above his head. The first player to pop his balloon often delights as much in the startling "pop" of the balloon as in taking home the prize. We offer two locations for the "Whac-A-Mole" game, a classic for more than 25 years. This charmer, with its funky chunky mallets and its adorable disappearing critters has become a pop culture phenomenon referenced in popular tv shows, music videos and commercials. Pit your talents against your family and friends in our many exciting water pistol race games. Advance your "cool cat" by hitting the target in our "Bullseye" game. Jungle fever abounds on "Lion Race" and don�t take your eye off the target as your pedestal rises to the top of "Top Spin" and "Top Glo". Attract attention with the splashing water and loud balloon pops of the adorable "Puppy Pop" and win a plush puppy to take home.

Hey Sports fans - Ready to show off those skills? Hoops fans, do you have the skills to make the shots in one of our 2 long range basketball games? Huge prizes are the rewards here. Can you bring on the heat? Test your fastball on our "Speedball". Guess your speed against the reading on our radar gun! A good eye and a steady hand equals success on our "Dart" Games. Not your grandfather�s Knock Em Over, our "Blockbuster" game features brightly colored preschool ABC blocks piled 3 high. Knock em off a pedestal and pick from an assortment of large prizes.

And finally everyone loves "Frog Bog". This crowd pleaser has thrilled millions around the world. Use our mallet to flip a rubber frog off his launcher taking aim to land him on a colorful floating lily pad. At 2 frogs for a dollar everyone can enjoy the fun and take home a plush reptile from a large selection.

Whether it's one of our coin-operated grabber cranes or an exciting race game we hope you�ll make summer fun memories on Trimper's midway games.